5 Things You Didn’t Know About Evan Peters

A few fun facts about one of your favorite Hollywood hotties.

He auditioned for Peeta in ‘The Hunger Games.’

Thank goodness he didn’t get the role, otherwise he might not have had time for our beloved ‘American Horror Story.’ Besides, now he’s got his ‘X-Men’ role to make up for it.



He was on ‘Phil of the Future’… Say what?

And he played quite the nerd in it…

He was in a teen movie with the girl from ‘Spy-Kids.’

Otherwise known as ‘Sleepover’… nerdier and weirder.


He had to “lube up” to get into that ‘American Horror Story’ latex suit.

Oh, and get butt naked.

‘American Horror Story’ co-star Emma Roberts and Evan are engaged, despite a “domestic dispute.”

No one pressed charges, but Evan was a bit banged up after the incident, resulting in Emma’s arrest. Their representatives called the incident “a misunderstanding,” but the couple eventually split in May of this year.