5 Best Shows to Base Your Wardrobe Off Of

Because who doesn't want to take a hanger out of their favorite TV character's closet?


Many people are afraid of wearing white, especially when they’re coffee-drinkers and wine-lovers. But, do you know who is never afraid? Olivia Pope. You’ve never seen power-woman-office-chic until you’ve watched ‘Scandal.’ Olivia’s perfectly-tailored basics, warm winter capes and Prada purses in every color of the rainbow are to-die-for… Oh, and who could forget that white hat?

‘Mad Men’

You might be shuddering just thinking about that ‘Mad Men’ Banana Republic line that was, to say the least, less than stellar. Try your hardest to wipe your memory of that trauma, and instead feast your eyes on the actual show. The AMC hit was first released in 2007, and spanned the entire decade of the 1960’s. You can definitely notice sartorial cues from the 50’s and 70’s seeping into the costume design. And all of this can be found via thrifting, Etsy, and good-old DIY. No trips to the mall required.

‘American Horror Story’

Alright, so maybe you can pass on the skulls and eyeballs — but, just hear us out. Season 2’s ‘Asylum’ plot spanned the 60’s and 70’s and, boy, did Lana Winter’s style give ‘Mad Men’ a run for its money. But Season 3’s ‘Coven’ is probably one of the most gif-ed fashion-inspiration shows ever. Those sweeping shots of witches dressed in intricate black dresses, all in a row — talk about how to go from drab to fab.


If you’re a woman and need help deciding which silhouettes would best suit your body shape, look no further than ABC’s ‘Revenge.’ This Hamptons show’s costume designer knows just how to dress a woman in the most flattering cuts possible. If you haven’t seen Emily in that red dress, you’re missing out. And don’t even get us started on their eye for the color black…

‘Gossip Girl’

While no longer on air, we added this show for a couple reasons. Firstly, fashion designers loved this show. Every designer in New York City was itching to get their clothes on Serena or Blair, and many designers like Vera Wang, Michael Kors, and Diane Von Furstenberg guest-starred on the show. Secondly, walk on the streets of NYC today and you’ll see men in scarves and girls in headbands-galore. ‘Gossip Girl’ was truly a trendsetter, a fashion icon, and — as Lonely Boy says — “a dictator of style.”