TV’s Youngest Showrunners

They may be young, but they produce some brilliant work.

Without a good showrunner, even a series with the best actors, writers and directors in the world can disappear into the abyss of long-forgotten TV shows without a trace. But if the current crop of TV showrunners is anything to go by, experience doesn’t necessarily equate to success. Read on as we give you the top four youngest showrunners who are keeping things fresh.

Lena Dunham – 'Girls'

In addition to writing and co-producing breakthrough HBO comedy-drama ‘Girls’, 28-year old Dunham also stars in the series as madcap writer Hannah. She already has a web series and a feature-film under her belt, as well as numerous other film and TV acting roles. She’s definitely cut from the same cloth as our other favorite girl boss, Judd Apatow (who also happens to be a co-producer for the show).

Mindy Kaling – 'The Mindy Project'

Kaling made a name for herself both on- and off-screen as a writer and actress in hit sitcom ‘The Office’. Kelly Kapoor was one of the show’s best characters, so it’s no surprise Kaling got a shot at her own sitcom thereafter. What is surprising is how admirably accomplished she is at the tender age of 34.

Beau Willimon – 'House of Cards'

Already a successful playwright and screenwriter, having adapted one of his plays into the hit George Clooney movie ‘The Ides of March’, 36-year old Willimon is also responsible for one of Netflix’s biggest original hits, ‘House of Cards’, which is currently in its third season of filming. Imagine what he’ll do in his 40s.

Liz Meriwether – 'New Girl'

Looks like the title of Meriwether’s hit Fox sitcom also works as a description of the creator herself. A playwright and romantic comedy screenwriter (‘No Strings Attached’), at 33 Meriwether has managed to nail the zeitgeist in the Zooey Deschanel comedy vehicle and is already developing projects for Universal and Paramount.

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