4 Best Coffee-centric TV Shows

Because who doesn't love coffee?

Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee
If you havent seen this amazing show starring Jerry Seinfeld and whatever comedian or celebrity tickles his fancy, then you’ve been missing out. The show usually features his guests’ favorite place to get coffee and their own most treasured car. It’s primarily online (what IS the difference between a web series and TV show nowadays, anyways?), so you have no excuse! (psst – one of our favorite episodes is the one with Sarah Jessica Parker and her clunky old 1976 Ford Country Squire!)

Central Perk, the friend’s main hangout, has been turned into a pop-up shop with complete Friends memorabilia. But back in the heyday of Friends, we just knew it as the coffee shop. THE coffee shop. The one that made you want to pick up and move to NYC even more than Monica’s disproportionately spacious apartment or the gang of friends themselves. The coffee shop in this show was just as famous as – dare we say it – The Rachel haircut.

Gilmore Girls
Pick any Gilmore Girls episode, any at all, and well bet you good money there’s a scene in which Lorelai drinks or excessively talks about her favorite thing in the world – coffee. Usually this is taking place in the diner with one disapproving Luke muttering about the negative effects of caffeine in the background, but thats neither here nor there.

Dangerous Grounds
Dangerous Grounds follows one man’s search for the greatest coffee in the world. According to the good people at the Travel channel, “over a billion people drink coffee each morning, making it the number 2 commodity in the world, second only to oil.” Thats a lot of coffee-drinkers! Perhaps they’ll be interested in one of the shows above.