10 Signs You’re a Shonda Rhimes Addict

Shonda Rhimes: the woman, the myth, the legend.

Shonda Rhimes doesn’t put out mediocre shows. Whether it’s the award-winning Grey’s Anatomy or her newest release, ‘How to Get Away With Murder,’ fans avidly follow her work. They eat up every word, every one-liner, and every episode, counting down the days until the next one drops. But in case you need further validation, here’s how to tell that you’re a Shonda Rhimes addict through-and-through.

1. You remember rushing to a physical video store to rent 'Grey’s Anatomy' box sets on DVD.

2. Just like Christina Yang, you have no time to waste. And, in true Christina fashion, you can come out with hilariously relatable one-liners at the drop of a hat.

3. You find your strength in Olivia Pope.

4. You’ve given up on men because reruns and Netflix marathons are way more reliable and way less disappointing than any man you’ve ever dated.

5. You feel for the characters and wear black when anything tragic happens to them.

6. You justify your small paychecks with the Christina philosophy.

7. You use Mellie Grant to justify your drinking habits.

8. And you use all the characters on Grey’s Anatomy to justify your romantic choices…

9. You give long, staccato speeches to anyone who asks you to step away from the TV.

10. And you give thanks for Shonda shows every day because...

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